The Walk and Escape

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On Sunday my brother and I went on a walk. 
The two dogs (Kessy and Linda) also came with us. 
The camera also came with us. 
NOTE: To those of you who don't know which dog is which. Linda is the brown one and Kessy the black one. 
There we are together (I told you he was there). 
I know right? 
Oh never mind. 
The doggies, as always, were very excited to explore somewhere besides their fenced-in back yard. 
They found many animals that looked like they would be fun to chase. But we would not allow our dogs to run about the country-side chasing small helpless squirrels. 
Not a chance guys. We are walking, not chasing.
Having my camera, I had a hard time walking the dogs, but I did do my share. 
Trust me. 
My camera's life may have been under threat. 
My camera's lenses may have been in danger.
My life may have been in jeopardy. 
But I did do my job and walk those puppies.
Really! I have proof. 

You, you walked the dogs? Yeah right, for 10 seconds.

When we got back to our driveway my little brother let the dog's off their leashes so they could run back to the house.
They like to do that. 
Can I really be free? You are really going to let me go? 
Now, as I have said before, this dog is perfect. She will not do something unless she is ordered or allowed by one of her masters to do so. 


Now, on the other hand, this she is another story. 
She is not perfect. 
I think I will try to escape now. Thank you. 
Kessy can not stand it when Linda runs away (which se does almost every day), so she puts it upon herself to make sure Linda obeys. 
Linda! You have to obey or you won't get a treat! 
Come on! 
Ummmm.....nope. I think I will go on an adventure.Thank you. 

The end.

Note to reader: Don't worry Kessy made sure Linda got back to the house as soon as possible.

-Mackenzie Hope

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