A Fresh Hope

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Today started out an over-clouded, wet and rainy day.
I like rainy days. 
No, really I do. 
But, I will admit, I was very pleased when I saw the sun peeking out from behind those grey clouds. 
When I could resist it no longer, I ventured out-of-doors to let the sun warm me.
I looked around at our small flower-garden plots in front of the house seeing that everything in them was dead and dried out.
At least that is what I thought.
As my eyes scanned all the debris of the dead branches, dry leaves and dirt I spotted something with color in it. 
A flower. 
A Crocus. 
Two Crocuses! 
I did a hop, a spin and a jump.
I also yelled. 
But I was not going to tell you that. 
Although, if I don't, I am sure my neighbors will tell you first. 
So I thought I would do it first. 
Ask anyone in my family; I always go crazy at the first sign of Spring. 
I do lots of hops, spins and jumps ( I even occasionally yell).
I get so excited.
 I take pictures of everything that has a little bit of green on it.  
The first buds of spring always give me a fresh hope. 
A fresh longing. 
A fresh excitement. 
A fresh breath of air.
A fresh idea. 
A fresh song. 
A fresh smile. 
You get the idea.
At least I hope you do. 
Maybe you have no idea what I am saying. 
Anyway, I am very excited about this first season of awakening.  And I am very much looking forward to many sunny days to come. 
Even though I do love rainy days. 
Really, I do. 

~Mackenzie Hope 

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