Slackline Sunday

Monday, March 12, 2012

Yesterday we slack-lined 
What is slacklining you ask?
Its fun, that is what it is. 
It is also like tight-roping, but you do it on a strap and it bounces.  It is becoming quite popular all around the world, one day it will become an olympic sport. 
I am sure of it. 
That will be the day.

Anyway, we set it up for the first time this year on Sunday.
We set it up? You mean I set it up, you watched and gave orders. 

*he he* Okay, so I did not exactly help set it up....
I just.....gave orders....he got it right. 
So after you set it up, the next thing you do is to walk on it.
But first you have to get on to it.
This is very simple to my little brother.
He is just cool like that.
In fact (as I told him myself) he is too cool for his shoes.
So you start out by getting up on it, then you can walk on it.
For me is is more like falling on it.
But we don't talk about that.
Look at him go!
Then, he has to make Kessy try it. She is very uncertain about the whole thing.
Um.....Can I be done now? 
Wow, I can do it! Look at me!  

And Mr. Bingley has to also have a stab at it. 
Easy as pie for the little fella.  

Okay guys, I am off to try out for the Olympics. See you in London. 
 I can't be outdone by a little dog, so I shall hand  my camera to Little Brother and hop on. 
 Woops.....I fell.....I think I will stick to taking pictures. But not while I am on the Slackline.
Not to say that I did not try to take pictures while doing it.
I did.
But it was not the best idea.
Thank you, my camera will be back from the repair shop in a few years. As for me I should be back from the hospital in a few months.

Now lets watch the expert do it.
He can walk all the way across.
Yeah, he has got talent.

He will be off to the Olympics in a bit also. He and Mr.Bingley are on a team. I will be going with as well as soon as I come home from the hospital.
 No, I will not be slacklining, I will be Phototgraphing. That will be an Olympic sport too someday soon. I know it.
But I won't be winning anything like Mr. Bingley and my little brother, just having fun.
Just smile and wave.

Then he tried to do a jumping/running start. 
He is too cool for his shoes. 
Another great thing about the Slackline is that it bounces. You can just sit on it and bounce, it takes no talent at all. 
PLEASE NOTE: no shoes. 
He is too cool for them. 
So, all-in-all, it has been an exciting Sunday. 
Not to mention that the weather was just WONDERFUL! 
Have a great week! Happy Monday!
Bye now!

~Mackenzie Hope 

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