Soft Wind and Warm Sun

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This morning was lovely. 
I would love to start this post by saying "The first thing I did this morning was to open my window, stick head out and sing a song in perfect key. Through the window sunshine poured all over my perfect looking room. I, with my perfect looking hair, smiled and just spent a full five minutes singing and getting dressed. " Nope, I could never say that. That is only what they do in the movies. 
Not at my house. 
The first thing I did this morning was to hit the snooze button on my timer. 
They do that in movies too. 
But, it is a lot less pretty when I do it. 
My poor timer. 
I did not open the window and let the light in. 
It was still dark. 
And my room is never perfect. 
I got up, with not so pretty hair and a smile on my face, and went downstairs. I said good morning to my mom and dad in a very hoarse voice (none of that perfect key singing in the morning at my house) and slowly wandered trough the house trying to wake up.

Well, to get to the point. This morning was lovely. 
 My window faces east, and as we all know, the sun rises in the east. 
At least I think it does. 
Yeah, it does. 
At about 9:00am I entered my room after having my morning tea, eating, getting dressed, reading my Bible etc. 
The sun was just flowing through my window, the light was splendid. 

That was when I threw open the window and stuck my head out. 
No singing though. 

Soon, I was out on the front porch doing school and drinking in every small and large ray of sunlight. 
Eventually I got warm enough to have a cup of iced tea. I was very excited about this. I love iced tea, and I usually start drinking it as soon as it gets warm 
So I made myself a nice, cold, fresh cup of tea. 
Ahhhhh *happy sigh*
And look! The flowers are growing in number! 
Of course, I had to ride my bike just a little bit.
Look, the trees are budding too! 
Ho-boy, I am excited!
I hope you are enjoying your day. 
~Mackenzie Hope 


  1. love your photography! definitely following. feel free to follow mine as well!

  2. Yay!! Could it be more gorgeous out, really? I think not.
    I spy....
    your bike?
    Chemistry ;)
    GORGEOUS light
    and signs of spring!
    This post makes me happy (except the Chemistry part, but that's not so bad either, really.


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