11 Random Things

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1. I am 6.1" ( and 1/4)
2. My all time favorite song is You Are My All In All ( I have no idea who it is originally by) . This song has been my favorite since I was able to start talking. It still is. 
4. I do not play sports well
Mackenzie + sports = tentative disaster 
I do love trying to play sports every once-in-a-while (like soccer), but none of the pro stuff for me.
One of the main reasons for this is that I always trip over myself. (see #1)
5. Sunsets are amazing. 
End of story.

6. Spring is amazing.
End of story.

7. I love answering the phone.
Everyone thinks I am my mom when I answer it. 
 Me: "Hello"
Person: "Hi A, I was calling to ask you what I should bring for that party."
Me:"What party?"
Person:"The surprise party for Mackenzie!"
Me: "Um, Ohhhh.....yeah. She would love a Canon 5D with a nice big external flash and while you are at it why don't you get her a 30mm 1.4 len-......"
Person (very confused at what a 5D even was): "Ummmm... I meant food"
Me (disappointed I am not going to get a 5D): "Oh, yeah. Food. Ummmm.....I guess you can bring some salad.
Here let me let you talk to mom.
Person (feeling like they should have hung up when she said 5D): "Oh"
8. My favorite drink all -year-round is London Fog Bubble Tea.
It's the best stuff EVER.
No question about it. 
9. Our dog (Linda) has 10 million names.
For example: Boo, Loo, Shtoo, Shtoo-boo, Linda-loo, Loo-boo, Lind, Lindy-loo-boo.
And The Shtoobinator.

10. The other night at the dinner table our family was talking about caucuses and primaries (yeah, we are just geeks like that). Someone asked my Grandma (who has stage 3 Alzheimer's and lives with us) what party she would vote for, she did not answer at the time. Soon the conversation turned to whether we should get livestock to put in our now empty horse pasture.
 I know politics and livestock they have such a connection.
I was begging and pleading that we get a horse that I could ride. Mom wanted sheep, and my older sister wanted a pony.
My little brother wanted nothing.
My dad wanted what my mom wanted (everyone say "Awwwww")
So my dad turned to my grandma and said "What would vote for: Sheep, Goats, or a Pony?" (apparently my horse had been voted out)
Grandma proudly replied, "I would vote republican"

11. Time flies. I mean, I can't believe it is March already! It seems like it was November just a few minutes ago!
And it seems like this morning was a few hours ago.
Wait, it was.

The End.

~Mackenzie Hope 


  1. MACKENZIE!!!! I LOVE reading your blog!! It's so inspiring! and I absolutely love your photography! :)

  2. I loved this post! That's so sweet about your Grandma :-) A lot of these sound quite a lot like me. And I agree about the time...wow. I think that because we had such a mild winter it made it seem faster!


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