My Day. Well, Most of It.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Half way through today I decided that I was going to take pictures of my day.
Well, I did.
So, here goes my day.

I did school. But I won't bore you with the long, mundane story about that.

As you can see, well *he he* I was not that studious in my efforts.

Then I painted my nails.
 More Grey. 
What could be more exciting?

Then my little brother ate an apple.
"What", you ask,"does that have to do with your day?"
Well, when I saw him eating that nice juicy Granny Smith apple (Granny Smiths happen to be my favorite) it made me hungry.
What do I do when I am hungry?
I eat Granny Smith apples.
When we have them.

So I had one myself. 

It was yummy. 

Mr. B (short for Mr. Bingley), our puppy, tried to come in disguise and scare me. He thinks he is a monster. 

I was so scared.
Boy was I.

Well, we fed the monsters and they promised not to eat us.

Then I ate lunch ,all that scaring had made me hungry.

No, I did not have an egg for lunch.
I put the egg in a sandwich (Jackie!!).
With cheese.  
It was very good.
Not to toot my own horn or anything. *he he*

And my little brother made a manly sandwich.
Yup, that is one manly sandwich. Defiantly for a man. 

And our wonderful dogs though they might deserve some of our lovely sandwiches.
Nope, you guys don't get a bite. are cute.
Oh bother. 

Hey, look who it is!!
It is my sister and cousin! 
Well, okay, maybe she is not my cousin. But she is a very old family friend, and she has the same last name. Every one asks if we are either sisters or cousins.

Hi Grams!! (sorry this one is blurry) 

I took some pictures of Kessy. She puts up with me so well. 

I am very disappointed at the lack of snow we have.
But, I do like the springish feeling in the air.

Then I practiced guitar. 
Yes, I do play guitar. 
I learned a few days before Christmas. My dad taught me (Hi dad!), he is a great teacher and guitar player.

Then ,the highlight of my day, my Grandma got me a tea cup!! Isn't it lovely? 

I love cups, mugs, goblets, glasses, teacups....etc.
I don't know why, just do.

So I drank tea (with lots of yummy honey) in my new cup. It made me very happy!

The End.

Have a great week!

~Mackenzie Hope

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