Cute and Fluffy

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I love taking pictures of animals. 

This is Linda, she is old. 
Very old. 
Also, she is very cute.

This is Humphrey, my big sister's cat. 
He thinks that everyone's legs are a rubbing post. 
I have tripped over him very many times. 
But that could also be because I trip over everything.

I even take pictures of squirrels at times.
This is Bobby. 
I really don't know his name, I saw him out my window one day. 
His name could be Fred. 
Or Jim. 
Maybe it's Sally. 
Sorry buddy if I called you a boy when you are really a girl, or the other way around.

This is my perfect doggie. 
She is the BEST!! 

Well,...okay, so she is not perfect...
That is her cousin she is chasing. 
Can you see the love? 
Yeah, me neither.  

This is Ivy. I call her Miss. Buttons. 

She is my sister-in-law's (Hi E!) puppy. 
Isn't she cute? 

And now ladies and gentlemen, Humphrey will sing for you. 
One, two, hit it Humphrey! 

Isn't he great?
Yeah I know. 

Okay, so I have no idea where all that was going. 
I just wanted to share some of my animal pictures with you. I hope they brightened your day. 

Have a great weekend!! 


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