My Weekend Involved...

Monday, February 13, 2012

I had a lovely, snowy, fun weekend. 
It involved the following:
Well only one to be exact. No I not am engaged, I just went  ring shopping with my friend for her birthday. 

Oh boy were they good.

Some of the coolest house decor in the world! 
Okay, so we found these things at a little down-town shop, they were amazing. 
They drew desings in the sand when you swung them, they had a pendulum like structure.

Wow, can you believe it?

More rings. (this was a different day than the other rings)
No I am not engaged.
This is a ring my brother gave me. I like it, and was moved to take a creative picture of it. 

A play.
This year my sister and I are in Pride and Prejudice play.
 It will be fun, I'm sure of it. 

Cameras, yeah I know that sounds a lot like "Pictures", but what I mean by "Cameras" is that I cleaned out my case and all my equipment.
Good day for my equipment. 

I stepped away from this blog for just few seconds and my little brother hacked it. This is what he wrote on it:
" I am going to stop this blog..... yesterday.. I mean tomorrow
Isn't he just darling?
So if this blog suddenly disappears one day, you will know what happened.


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