Five Things.....

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Five things I want to do one day. 
1. Go to Ireland
2. Go parachuting. I like heights. Yup, you heard me. 
3. Get a German-Shepard and name him Wilhum (pronounced Wil-um).
Wilhum is a Welsh name. I think.
4. To get a Canon 5D Mark II
5. To take tap dancing lessons. 

The end. 
Have a lovely week. 



  1. Wow -- cool shot! I've only tried sparklers once, and it was a failure.

    Great list! Okay, I'm with you on #1, but you already knew that. ;) No for 2 and 3 -- I like heights okay, but not that much and I don't really like dogs. But Wilhum is a nice name. :) And I would LOVE to take dancing lessons, but probably either ballroom or ballet.

  2. You did it! You accomplished something on your list!
    I love your blog.


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