I Think I Love Him

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I think I love this boy. 
Look at him! 
That should explain things to the fullest. 
Also, he is the only one in the family, besides me, who actually knows how to work my camera.
Even though he throws my lens caps all over. 
He has been one of my best friends all my life. 
He is brilliant!
And ladies, he is an expert at the smolder!
Don't fall for it though. 
He is just fun, silliness and sarcasm on the inside. 
He is also an expert hacker. 
Not really. 
He just likes to pretend that he is.

I never tried to hack anyone's computer!

One of my best friends.
My fix-it man. 
My editor. 
My dictionary, 
My little brother. 


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