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Thursday, November 6, 2014

She is joyful most of the time. 
Some Alzheimer's Disease patients are always mad. They yell, they scream, they have to be restrained. But Grandma is usually very pleasant. 
She laughs all the time. 
At everything. 
She laughs when she wakes up and as she gets out of bed. 
She laughs when she takes her medication. 
She laughs when she sits down in her chair. 
She laughs as she brushes her teeth. 
She laughs when she is not supposed to. 
She laughs with no restraint at all. 
She cannot stop herself. 
When she is not laughing, she is talking, and when she is not talking she is sitting quietly staring at nothing in particular. 
When she talks she doesn't make much sense. She often can't get the right word to come out of her mouth so she stutters then gives up in exhaustion. 
So, I love that this little woman, who can barley speak, laughs. 
And laughs all the time. 
After I did my first "She" post, I didn't think there would be a sequel, but I have decided to post posts like these more often until Grandma no longer is with us. 
I want to remember her like this, and what a blessing she is to me. 

These pictures, to me, are the best and most valuable pictures I have ever taken. Because my whole heart is in them.

-Mackenzie Hope- 


  1. Mackenzie, your love and respect for your Grandma continually challenges me in my relationship with my Grandma- thank you for sharing your pictures and beautiful words!

  2. Quite beautiful, Mackenzie! Lovely words that fit Grandma so well!

    ~Jessica Devine~


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