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Friday, August 29, 2014

This is not a disease that gets better or heals in any way. No, it is a disease that takes and takes until it has taken every grain of sanity. 
She is getting worse. 
While she used to be able to put on her own shoes, we now have to put them on for her. She used to take little walks around the house, now she just walks a couple feet and gets exhausted. Simple tasks like brushing her teeth, getting into bed, or even voicing what she wants are tasks that take massive amounts of strength on her part.
I walked into her room and woke her up this morning and she simple, with her eyes till closed, said to me, “I love you.”
She doesn’t even know who I am, but those words still make me happy. She has so much love to offer, and she never stops trying to give it out. 
As she sat in her chair this morning staring at nothing in particular, I asked her what she is thinking. She simple replies with no hesitation, “I am thinking about Heaven.” 
“Why?” I ask. 
“Because I am going there.”
I have learned so much from my little grandmother. I am thankful for every day she is here, no matter how hard it gets. Her simple ways, her simple words, she takes life one thing at a time, she has no room for anything more. 

I must admit, I often wonder why she has been placed with us at this time. I wonder why we have had to go through all this change, but then I remember that God says in His Word that His plans are perfect. He knows the future, the past and every moment of our lives. 
So, I can trust Him with tomorrow. 
Just like my Grandma trusts with a childlike attitude. 

-Mackenzie Hope- 


  1. Wow, dear. These are beautiful and poignant. ♥

  2. This is so beautiful, Mackenzie... your grandma Shirley really must be a little sunshine in your home. His plans ARE perfect. I have to remind myself that when I wonder why my grandma resents age so much, while yours remains so trusting and so loving through all of her changes physically and mentally. ;-) We really can learn a lot from the elderly though... I've definitely found that out through having my g-ma live with us for a while. =) She gave me a new perspective in so many ways! You learn how to love in such a new way, don't you?

  3. Mackenzie, this is an amazingly beautiful post. xoxox

  4. 'Tis a beautiful thing indeed... to see a woman who has lived nearly all her life and still trusts in God. =) It is especially a relief - to know that not everyone gets bitter as they age, even those that change mentally. It really shows the difference that Christ makes- it's beautiful. =*)


  5. This is so beautiful, Mackenzie! Your family is so sweet to take her in, along with all the challenges- I believe there's no where better for the elderly than in a loving home surrounded by people who love them.


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