In The Month Of October

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

This month I decided I needed a bit of a challenge. Photography seems to have become more of a job rather than an art
So I took on a project for the month of October with another photographer who happens to be my employer and who also happens to be my friend. 
I will be posting the past weeks pictures every Wednesday in October. 
Noting special. Just pictures.
Col3-2 (1 of 1) mat5-14 (1 of 1) mackenziehopephotography (1 of 1)-2 psalms (1 of 1) mackenziehopephotography (1 of 1)-3
mackenziehopephotography (1 of 1)-5mackenziehopephotography (1 of 1)-4

-Mackenzie Hope-

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  1. Your photography style is so unique... so you. I love that. And I'm so happy to see more posts from you!!!


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