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Monday, September 22, 2014

Well then. 
Where to start? 
How about here: On Saturday my oldest sister dawned a white dress (hand made by my sister-in-law) , placed a flower crown on her golden hair, walked down the aisle to her Love, promised to grow old with him, and changed her last name. 
It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.
I had the pleasure of joining their wedding photographer to do some portraits of my sister and new brother.
mackenziehopephotography-5299 mackenziehopephotography-5222
While I did take the pictures aboveI was not the photographer for their wedding, I was one of the bridesmaids, but let me tell you the photographer for this wedding is an amazing woman.
My dear friend Sarah Jane, joins me at almost every wedding I shoot. She is not my second shooter, we are a team and we work together.
At this particular wedding she worked by herself, and did an amazing job.
You can see more pictures of my sister's wedding and other wonderful things you can visit her sites:
Essie Jane Photography (website and blog)
Go check out her stuff. She is pretty amazing. 

Happy Monday! 
-Mackenzie Hope- 


  1. These make me excited..beautiful things always do. You two girls are amazing.

  2. Your sister looks absolutely radiant! What a wonderful couple. These are just gorgeous shots.

  3. Ah! Your sister was such a stunning bride, Mackenzie!! They are seriously just adorable together. I can't wait for the sweetness of siblings getting married (even though I know it will be somewhat bittersweet). Weddings are so much more beautiful when you've been a part of their entire story! Thanks for clicking over over to my blog the other day... so happy you re-found me!! ;-)


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