This Made Me Smile :: Monday :: Summer's End

Monday, September 1, 2014

Today is Labor Day.
The unofficial last day of summer. 
Where did this summer go? 
My goodness, I feel like just yesterday I finished my last essay and graduated from high school. 
Time flies. 
But that is not new news to anyone is it? 
I often get that feeling that, as I grow up and take on the responsibilities of adulthood, I miss the little things that I used to enjoy. 
I think they call it The Joys of Childhood. 
I feel as if I missed that this summer.
I have missed the smell of summer, the warm breezes, the feel of my toes snuggled in the grass, and the lovely days spent at the beach and pool. 
It is a bitter-sweet thing to grow up. 
But in the last few days I have had moments where I could truly feel summer in the air. 
I know, I am a little late. 
It was wonderful to just stand for a moment and smell the fresh air, the flowers, and feel the grass beneath my bare feet. 
Summer may be just about over, but I am still enjoying it - or you might say I am just beginning to enjoy it. 
mackenziehopephotography-2867 mackenziehopephotography-2878 mackenziehopephotography-2892 mackenziehopephotography-2882

Happy Monday!
-Mackenzie Hope-


  1. Bittersweet, for sure! But you can still definitely dwell on the wonderful details of summer. And these are truly some wonderful shots :D

  2. Squealing over the kitty photo. I'm glad you're finally getting the best out of summer. These last few days mean just as much as the rest. :)


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