This Made Me Smile :: Monday :: Beaches and Bubble Tea

Monday, June 30, 2014

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Things that made me smile this past a nutshell:
1. A chance to rest after last week's party. 
2. Grandma's choice of bubble tea and her reaction to it. 
"It is excruciating."
"In a good way?" (duh Mackenzie,  "excruciating" can't be good....between Grams and I we get enough vocabulary wrong...oh dear)
In other words, she liked it.
I think.
3. Open houses for dear, wonderful friends.
4. Kittens.
I died inside about 100 times.
5. Meeting up with friends at the beach.
Enjoying the sunshine.
Digging holes.
Playing three different kinds of sports.

Happy Monday!!!!

-Mackenzie Hope-

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  1. Well this is about the best thing I've seen all day. "You get little round things in my mouth". Exactly my first impression as well. :-) So adorable.


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