This Made Me Smile :: Monday :: June 21st

Monday, June 23, 2014

This past Saturday was the day of my high school graduation open house.
And what a day it was.
It was a day filled with....
Lovely people.
Bunting galore. 
Rain storms. 
Seeing old friends. 
Making due. 
A stunning little cake. 
Pictures (lots of them). 
Scrumptious food. 
Puddle jumping (More like puddle diving - and, for the record, I think every senior should go puddle diving after their open house). 

It was pretty wonderful, I don't know when I have had a better time. 
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-Mackenzie Hope-

NOTE: I would first like to state that none of the pictures in this post has been taken by me. The majority of them were taken by Sarah Kriner Photography and a couple taken by Carrie F.. 


  1. This day was pretty grand. And I will forever be in awe of your bunting....
    I think I might do a post myself - be on the watch? :-)

  2. eeep. congratulations again for graduating!!! these are absolutely lovely. you and sarah are my top favorite photographers. ;) xx

  3. CONGRATULATIONS, m'dear!! You look so purty ;-), and I'm so glad you had such a nice time. Love your decorations (couldn't forget the bunting, now could you?? We're talkin about Mackenzie here =D)!


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