Memories Of Warmth

Friday, March 14, 2014

Let me just say that this has been the longest winter I can remember in my life. 
But then again, I don't have the best memory.
So I could be wrong. 
Which is likely.
Anyway, it has been a long winter. With blizzard after blizzard after snow storm and snow shower....a long winter.
There are days when I am on the verge of going crazy from this winter and am just begging for spring to come.
On those days I like to look at happier pictures.
Pictures all full of warmth.
(much like I said in this post)
In one word - summer.
And I have compiled a whole set of some of my favorites. 

IMG_4848 IMG_1228 IMG_1331 IMG_4850
IMG_1308IMG_0549IMG_1823IMG_6697 IMG_7374
IMG_4738IMG_7468 IMG_0009 IMG_0381IMG_7810 IMG_1292
IMG_2025IMG_1521 IMG_1919

Happy Friday! 
~Mackenzie Hope~


  1. Oooh, my goodness gracious!!! This makes me so nostalgic. I was thinking of doing a post very similar to this...sharing some summer frames. But yours are so divine. THE LIGHT AND THE BOKEH!!! *swoons*

    I was wondering what lens do you usually use? The bokeh is to die for. :) xx

    1. Thank you Miss Grace!
      I use the Canon 50mm f/ is wonderful.

  2. these are so happy - my goodness, every time i see your pictures, i'm in awe of your talent. ;) these are fantastic. and so happyyyyy. puh-leaz send some snow here. we've had an usually dry winter here in Arizona. and it's starting to get annoying. ;) x

  3. These are absolutely breathtaking, dear....I'm longing for summer. And last summer seems like a lifetime ago, doesn't it? I just keep telling myself, "It's coming. It IS coming." - and that helps with the sanity. A little. :-) Thank you for the smile. ♥

    Oh, and the old photos with new edits. I love it.

  4. ohhh boy do i miss summer.

    xx. Megan


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