Sarah // Senior 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sarah is the kind of girl who becomes your best friend almost as soon as you meet her. 
She has a joy that emanates from her smile and sweet, encouraging words. She is a gem. 
(I took pictures of her little sister Allison  back in July and her older brother made an appearance in my last blog post)
The day we took her senior pictures was a grand one. She was a trouper and willing to do anything I told her to do (yeah, that was pretty great). 
I think that senior pictures are some of my very favorites, they are oh so much fun. I could do them every day….yes sirree. 
Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-2
Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-27Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-10
Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-50Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-11 Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-19
Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-59
Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-22Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-30Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-39
Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-32Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-45Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-51 Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-57Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-73 Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-80Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-98
Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-95Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-100Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-102
Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-101Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-103 Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-107 Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-111Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-117
Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-115
Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-120 Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-124Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-131
Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-126Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-136 Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-137Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-147
Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-145Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-150 Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-157 Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-167Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-184
Sarah (Mackenzie Hope Photography)-180

~Mackenzie Hope~ 


  1. Ahh, wow. This girl is beautiful, and you're brilliant. It's a good combo. :-)

  2. These are gorgeous, and she's so pretty. :)

  3. Wow, the colors here are amazing. I love the brick building and her blanket. :)


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