Princess Allison

Thursday, July 25, 2013


If you were to meet Miss Allison, the very first thing you would notice about is her strikingly amazing blue eyes.
Moments later you would have the pleasure of hearing her laugh and seeing her smile.
And after a few minutes you would see that she has a heart of pure gold. She is the kind of girl who makes the world a more joyful place by just being there. 
Because she loves others, and the light of Christ shines through her every day.
She is truly a princess. 
Oh yes, that reminds me. 
She is actually Cinderella. 
In the flesh. 
And I got to take pictures of her. 
Boy do I feel honored.
IMG_0825 IMG_0832 IMG_0849 IMG_0838 IMG_0992 IMG_0856 IMG_0944 IMG_0869 IMG_0972-2 IMG_0861-2 IMG_1034-2 IMG_0993-2
IMG_1049 IMG_0950-2 IMG_0961-3 IMG_0980-2 IMG_0989
IMG_0824 IMG_1129 IMG_1074 IMG_1058 IMG_1130 IMG_1076

So many exciting things shall be happing in the next few weeks, as I hope you will be able to see on this blog. 

Photo shoots. 
New things. 
Ah well....stick around. 

Because He lives, 
Mackenzie Hope


  1. Oh my Mackenzie dear I love them! Thank you so much you're so talented. way to make me so teary eyed. Thank you for such a wonderful day :)

  2. These are good.
    Very very.


  3. Wow everything you said about Allison is spot on and I don't know you but you are amazing with your camera! :-)

  4. ah, these are gorgeous. she does look like Cinderella. seriously! :) these are great, Mackenzie. i love her smile, her seriously awesome hair flippin' and her beautiful blue eyes. looks like you had a blast. ;) <3 these are just great.

    absolutely beautiful.

  5. Just lovely, your processing is exquisite!
    The setting is perfect, wildflowers taller then her?- so fun!

  6. It's Cinderella! Aw, love this girl... Great job capturing her beautiful spirit, Mackenzie! And whoa, Allison, your smile. Goodness gracious, Gorgeous!


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