And I have been taking pictures every day...

Friday, November 8, 2013

I have been challenged to take pictures every day this month. 
It is good for me. 
Sometimes I forget about taking pictures of things around me because I am so busy.
But I am reforming.
IMG_3328IMG_2957-2 IMG_2980-2 IMG_2991 IMG_3011-2



  1. Each of these made me want to jump up and down. The one of your profile and fishtail braid.....woah. I love it, Mackenzie. And what are those happy little sparkles in the first one??? (I must be turning into Bob Ross,haha.)

  2. All of these are beautiful, and I love your braid in that one picture. <3
    I'm excited to see what else you do with this new challenge.

  3. sooo wonderful!
    especially the the cup photo, but I love them all

    Greetings from Barcelona;)

  4. Every one of these are great, I love the one of the old photo! And I've been wanting to learn how to do a braid like yours. <3

  5. Love the picture with the fishtail braid! (I actually wear my hair in that every day, only often I do big strands, because I don't have time to do the smaller strands that you did here. It looks better when you do the small strands, though!)

  6. um why are you so incredible? every.stinkin'.time i see your photos, i'm like, "dang, gosh, woman. these are crazy good." and they are. incredible. lovely. ;) ESPECIALLY THE HOUSE/BLINDS ONE. ahh. and i want your hat. and your boots. m'kay. but really, these are lovely. favorites. xx


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