Sometimes I Wonder Why People Even Own Small Fluffy Dogs

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Now don't get me wrong. 
I adore dogs. 
In fact, my dog (well, she is the family dog....but I call her mine, and she lets me believe it) is really one of the best dogs ever. 
But I really can't stand small yippy dogs.
They say that a person goes with their dog.
My dog is a Border Collie/German Shepard mix. 
She goes with me.
But "Mr. Bingly" is another story.
"Mr. Bingly" is our small yippy dog.
We call him many other things....mostly "Bings".
He goes with someone else.
Not me.
Or my little brother.
He barks.
And runs around.
And is just not the smartest thing on earth.
I cringe to say this.
He is pretty cute.
He is fluffy.
And a little model.
And that is all I have to say.
Forgive the VERY choppy writing. 
IMG_8781 IMG_8796 IMG_8808

~Mackenzie Hope & Mr. Bing~ 


  1. Awww... Mr. Bingly! Yes, he is cute, though I agree with you on the subject of small yippy dogs in general.

  2. Oh my, how cute!! I've been trying to convince my Mom for months now that we need to get another dog. And I like the big ones, I agree. :-)

  3. AWW. Oh my gosh, he's so adorable.
    I love his name! It's perfect. <3

  4. He is so adorable. :) I like small dogs but they can be very annoying.

  5. Oh my goodness your blog! *First comment on the "new" blog*,bahaha.* AND YOU HAVE A PIN IT BUTTON.

  6. m'kay, these are just adorable, 'Kenzie. i am NOT a fan of little dogs (aka, yipping, wiggling, annoying-ness) but i have to say, he is adorable. ;) these are great, girl!



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