In Which I Solve A Mystery (or something like that)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I often wonder where the past days I have lived have escaped to. 
I wish I could just grab a piece of real Time, hold it in my hand, examine it. 
Control it. 
Time can't be controlled. It won't listen to me. I can't tell it to stop. 
But the one thing I can control (in fact, one of the only things I have leave to have full control over) is myself. Time is not the culprit when it slips past.
Every moment of Time waisted is my fault. 
Yes me.
I am the one who takes it out and uses it for things it does not need to be used for.  
I am the one who throws away valuable moments at the rate of sixty seconds per minuet. 
I am the culprit.
Mystery solved. 
I may not be able to stop time, but I can stop myself. 
Stop myself from waisting the Time God has given to me. 
And I can stop myself from missing a moment of Time.
Watching Time (even when it is speeding past) is one of the sublimest (can that be a word?) pleasures I know. 
To stop everything; to focus on a single moment. 
There is something special about that. 
I think that is what I love about photography.
I can stop myself in a moment in Time. 
Look at it over and over again. 
That is one of the reasons I am a photographer. 
Now that I really think about it. 
Stop myself to watch Time.
 Even though I can't control the seconds, minutes, and hours of the day, I can stop and watch Time in all its glory, in the form of thousands of pixels weaved together to make one moment.
One moment. 
Held forever. 


IMG_6140-2 IMG_6313-2 IMG_6519 IMG_6401 (1) IMG_6785 IMG_6328-2 IMG_6195 IMG_6282-2IMG_6319 IMG_6435 IMG_6379IMG_6554
IMG_6437IMG_6564 IMG_6572 IMG_6615 IMG_6649 IMG_6743IMG_6591-2
IMG_6651 IMG_6755-2 IMG_6772-2 IMG_6654 IMG_6800-2
IMG_6846 IMG_6885-3

~Mackenzie Hope~ 


  1. You inspire me, Miss Mackenzie. Wow. Look at all of this loveliness!

  2. Good post, Mackenzie dear. Good, good. "I can stop and watch time in all it's glory"... yes! Photography definitely teaches a person how fast time flies, and how much he should treasure every moment of it.

    First and second picture? Wonderfulness. =D

  3. Mackenzie, your photos never cease to astound me. I'm speechless. The stills especially of you and your sister and brother by the beach during golden hour = *swoons*

  4. You're ridiculous. Ridiculously awesome, that is. Watching time... hm. I love your philosophy!
    And goodness... those pictures? O_O
    The ones of Delaney by the beach leave me speechless. Truly.

  5. Oh My Goodness Captain!!! These are amazing! I especially love the first one! Your wonderful!!!

  6. ok you have got skills beyond measure. you are so amazingly talented! i love all of these :) btw you are stunning :)

  7. Beautifully written, and so true. All of these pictures are amazing too. <3
    I really love your new blog design! It goes perfectly with your photography and writing.

  8. Ok. Your photography. i really really really can't handle it. It's beautiful, so deep and full of life and uggggghhhhhh amazing. So happy I found you. this is probably one of my favorite posts i've ever found. it's sooooooooo rich and gorgeous. thank you

    1. Elizabeth, thank you so much for your oh-so-sweet comment, it really made my day.


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