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Monday, April 22, 2013

This weekend I had the vast pleasure of meeting someone I have "known" for a long time. 
Over the past year (or so) I have gotten to know this lovely young lady over the blogging sphere and through Flickr. She always would leave the sweetest comments and take the best pictures. 
Then one day a friend of mine got to meet her and get senior pictures done by her. 
I then determined that I just had to meet her. 
And I did. 
It was grand.
We took pictures, walked to the ends of the earth, ate wonderful food, laughed 'till our sides hurt (at least mine did), chatted, walked backwards, knocked on the doors of abandoned houses, talked about our brothers,  and had a marvelous time over-all. 

Sarah, it was wonderful to meet you, come and visit again soon! 

Happy Monday everyone, I hope it is just stuffed full of joy! 

~Mackenzie Hope~

P.S check back tomorrow for the posting of the engagement shoot I got to do! 


  1. It makes me smile too! Yay for the weekend!
    Looking forward to tomorrow's post...

  2. Ah, I love these! And you described our weekend pretty well, I have to say.
    Plus, I'm going to be nice and *not* post the outtakes of what was going on in that first picture. (You can thank me later.) I loved meeting you. You're fun. And crazy. :-)

  3. Oooh,and. Could you maybe send me that last picture? I have zero good ones of me with my camera "in action". Thank you dear!

  4. Can't wait for tomorrow's post! But for now, this is so sweet and adorable.
    I love her jacket!

  5. Haha, yeah, that first one makes me laugh. And Sarah, I have some of you and your camera "in action" too, I think. As soon as I download and edit them, I'll make sure you get them. :)

  6. How lovely! Having experienced the blessing of having a best friend through blogging, it is such a joy to see other bloggers finally meet in person as well. ;) Love your photographs, my dear. xx


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