This Made Me Smile::Monday:: Snow,Skiing, and Football

Monday, February 4, 2013

This lovely group of people. 
They make me smile. 
We took this picture a few minutes before we embarked on a Skiing Adventure yesterday. It is a tradition for my family to drive a couple of hours every year on Superbowl Sunday (we are not football fans and have no desire whatsoever to watch a bunch of millionaires with shoulder-pads on push each other around).
 It is the event of the year.
Well, minus the annual-traditional canoe trip.
And.....maybe the annual-traditional caroling party. 
So, we went on a ski trip yesterday. 
It was a blast. 
We only had a few injuries.....just a couple of broken bones, teeth, noses and heads. 
Just kidding. 
I don't think anyone broke anything (Sarah?), but we may have gotten a bit close a couple of times. Especially on those black-diamond hills.
Now that was fun. 
I didn't actually get any pictures of skiing.....I am not yet a good enough skier to ski down a hill with my camera. Nor am I a dedicated enough photographer to stop skiing to get my camera all the way out of the car to take pictures.  

One more, do you notice how in this picture a couple of people have snow on their clothing? 
That is because of this:

And this:


P.S I really would be posting more pictures if I could, but at this point I have had two technology break-downs. As in I lost a memory-card full of pictures *ugg*, I won't even tell you how I feel about this. And our main computer won't start up, but it is getting fixed and should be up and running by Friday. 
The end.  


  1. Sounds like a blast! And such good memories here! My family is waayyy into football, and it's awesome just to hang with them while watching it.
    But I will agree with you that they are just guys in tights running around with a ball! I've said that for years! Haha. And awesome photos! :)

  2. Ha ha looks like so much fun! Are all of these people your brothers and sisters?! Or are there some cousins in the mix :) Too bad you lost some pictures, that is a bummer!

  3. Oh how fun! I've never even tried that, can you believe it? It looks like it could be extremely challenging. Uh,maybe just for me. :-) What's the Superbowl? Hehehehe....

  4. I do not appreciate your Superbowl bashing, Mackenzie Hope! Just kidding... though I must admit that I quite enjoyed watching the game yesterday.
    Aw, y'all look like you had a good time. I kinda wish I was there. But then again, I really don't have much of a desire to ski. It would just be to be with you. :)
    You poor girl -- that second picture! How could they attack you like that!??! That picture is epic, though.

  5. This loos so fun! Snow, makes everything better. :)


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