Hello and Goodbye

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hello folks!
I have been having a lovely, busy week. 
Our family is getting ready to leave for vacation tomorrow. 
We are going on a road trip to Colorado (along with some other states). I have never been far past Iowa, so I am rather excited. 
And you know, there will be a lot of things to take pictures of. 
The road. 
My family (the backs of my family's heads)
You never know, I might even see a Mountain (they have those in CO right?) !

Ho-boy, I am excited! 

Anyways, I thought I would say hello, and goodbye before we leave tomorrow. 

And I thought I would post some pictures while I was at it. 
I like to multi-task, it makes me feel like I am doing something useful. 

So, here we have a picture of me, my camera, and the lovely mirror I stole from grandma's room just to take pictures (I have returned it).
I always raise my eyebrows like that when I take pictures...I think it looks funny.
My older sister got this compass somewhere, so I took some pictures of it. 
There is something about a  compass that fascinates me. 

I did a very short shoot with my sister a few weeks ago, we found a nice vintage suitcase under my grandma's bed and used it as a prop. 

I am seeing some kind of repetition in the last three photos. 
Every prop I used I stole from somebody...whoops.  Don't worry, all objects have been returned to their rightful owners. 
Summer is almost upon us, you know what I love best about the summer? 
Well here is a short list:
The beach
The pool
Iced tea
Freedom from school
Pasta salad (my mom makes the BEST pasta salad in the world) 
Long bike rides
Well folks, I have to go finish packing for vacation. 
I'll be back with lots of pictures!!
  Have a wonderful week/weekend!!!


  1. Have an AMAZING time! I bet you can't guess how much I love Colorado :-) Bring us back a ton of pictures!

  2. beautiful pictures, LOVE the last three ones!! :) loved you blog, dear. have a great trip!! xoxo


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