Family Shoot

Monday, April 2, 2012

I am so behind on posting this shoot. 
Forgive me.
Thank you. 

Well, now that you have forgiven me so kindly, I will get to the pictures. 
As I said before, this is a big family of 13 people. 
Guess how many pictures I took.
Not 100.
Not 500. 
Not even 1000.  
I took 1,300 (give or take a few) pictures on this 1 1/2 hour shoot.  
But thankfully, I narrowed it down to about 400. 
These three boys were so cute, and they secretly loved to pose for pictures. 
See what I mean?
I know the next two are almost the same, but I could not help it, those kids were just so cute!

This kid is going to be a Heartbreaker one day. 
End of story.

The woman. 
The Men. 
Mr.and Mrs. 
I was trying some new things with Lightroom. 
The oldest son, his wife and their son. 
 The boys decided that they should have a contest of manliness by doing pushups.
  So cute!

The end. 

Again, forgive me for not posting this sooner. 

Have a great week! 

~Mackenzie Hope 


  1. These are SO stinking cute! I LOVE all of these! :)

  2. THIRTEEN *HUNDRED*??!?!?!?! Oh my! That is a LOT of pictures! hehe!
    I wouldn't say that you're behind on posting these -- it does take time to narrow that many pictures down. ;) I love the ones of everybody walking -- great job!


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