Something Sweet

Monday, March 26, 2012

Okay, are you ready to see something really cool? 
The answer to this question? 
You aren't.

So I will just console you by informing you: neither was I.
I was not ready.
I don't think you are either.

What, you ask, am I not ready for?

Okay, You see this camera? 

And this one?

Have you looked closely?
Are you ready? 
No, you are not-......okay, I won't go through that again.

Drum-role please......
That my friends is ( was) my birthday cake. 
SEE?? I told you that you weren't ready!
Is this not the coolest cake on earth? 
Not only is it the coolest it is also the following:
1.Homemade by my sister-in-law.
2.A lot bigger than it looks
3.The most amazing tasting cake I have had since......well....I don't know when. 
4.The exact dimensions (blown up to twice its size ) of a Canon T2i. 
5.A photographer's dream cake. 

It even had a little dial on the top!
I did not get to take a picture of the other side (everyone wanted to eat't they get that this is a work of art?), but there was a little viewfinder hole in the back too!
I was so not expecting this kind of birthday cake! 
A camera?  
You should have seen the look on my face. 
The first words out of my mouth were: "Ummmmm....can someone get my camera out?"
I would not let anyone touch it until I had at least one picture of it.  
Then I ate it.
It was good.
The end. 

Have a great week!!
-Mackenzie Hope 


  1. Woah! That's amazingggg haha! Hope you had an amazing day(:

  2. GAH! I have always wanted a cake like that, except Nikon of course! (I shoot nikon):D


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