What I Like Taking Pictures Of

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The general answer to what I like to take pictures of is: everything, but here are a few more specific things. 

I love Landscape, everything about a good landscape picture awes me. 

I also quite like playing with lighting. 
With Shutter Speed.
With Aperture.
With ISO. 
With the Sunlight. 
With flash. 
Etc... (you get the idea) 

Water drops. Love em. 

My puppy, Kessy. Love her. 

Macros. I always have had a thing for them. 

Plants, flowers, trees, nature. 

People,I love people pictures. 
I took this one of my big sister last week. She could not pull out a fake smile so this is what I got.  

And I really like Black and Whites. 

-Mackenzie Hope 

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