A Cup 'o Tea

Friday, January 13, 2012

There is nothing like a good cup of tea. 

I feel like that is a quote of some sort,maybe it's just because I say it so much.
It is kind of a family motto now that I think about it.  

I love tea, especially on a day like yesterday. It was cold, and we had a wonderful blanket of snow fall across and over our dry green and brown grass. It is now about 4' deep.

There is no complicated formula on what to do on a cold day. Just drink tea. (or coffee if that is what you prefer, but that is totally beside the point.) 

So yesterday I did just that. I decided to have a little change of pace and have lemon flavored tea (which,by the way, was really good with a bit of honey in it). 

*Note to readers: I don't usually drink herbal tea (or fruity). Not that I don't like it, but I have this wonderful black tea that I really adore with cream and sugar. Also, at this point I was getting over a small cold. 

This is my wonderful mug. I engraved my name on it a few years ago, after I got it for Christmas. I love this mug. 
But my wonderful mug was not my model for the tea in question on this day. I thought the lighting in this spot was really nice so I got out one of the nice tea cups and started shooting. 

My point was to display the beauty and warmth of the cup and tea, can you see the steam?  

Sorry this one is a tad over-exposed.  

So, yes I had a lot of fun with this photo-shoot. 
As I said before "There is nothing like a good cup of tea."
Well......there is always a good cup of Hot Coco...yum...that is good. 

I am sorry about the odd format on this one, it looks different on every computer. 

-Mackenzie Hope 

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  1. Love the last one, Mackenzie! I'll take the coffee or hot cocoa, thank you, but the tea does looke beautiful! Happy Monday!


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