In Which My Sister Leaves and I Break My Lens

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My oldest sister ( Hi Sis!!) , is now in Ireland. We dropped her and her friend off at the airport yesterday, and heard from her today. She is alive, and very pleased with her surroundings (but, who wouldn't be? I mean, she is in Ireland! Ireland!)
I was going to go in her suitcase, but I was a bit to tall to fit in it. I am also a little bit over the 50lb limit. Oh well, I will have to tell her to get a bigger suitcase next time.

My sister was very excited when she left (that is her on the right, and her friend on the left). Can you sense the excitement?

Well, when we got to the airport we went in with them to send them off (and help them carry their luggage). I set my purse (with my camera in it) on top of my sister's cary-on, which was very heavy in the front. So every time you let go of it it would fall down face-foward.
Well, I let it go.
My purse fell with it, and with my purse fell my camera, and with my camera fell my lens.
My lens got bent and would not focus, so I was not able to get a good picture of their departure.

When I inspected the damage later I decided that I did not want to take the chance to bend it back at that point (we were in the car ).  This being because, I have this terrible tendency to breaking things more by touching them when I am trying to fix them. So I waited until we got home.

Well, the short end of the story is that my little brother (who is a wiz with anything technological ) snapped it back into place. He did it without any hesitation either. Just, snap, and it was back on.

So the story ended well.
My sister is safe and sound , and my lens is still kicking (and taking pictures too).

-Mackenzie Hope  

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