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Monday, December 29, 2014

To be honest, I may have almost forgotten about this little blog post until just now. It has been a busy day, I just got home from work you see and have not had time in-between running-around to sit down and put up something on this blog of mine. 
So here I am. 
And I ask myself, "What makes me smile today?"
Oh lots of things.
But the something that will never cease to "make me smile"  or to fill my heart with joy is God's Steadfast Love. 
Never ending. 
Not a blind love, no, He sees all that I really am, and still....He loves me.
Not a thing to be thrown away on empty words, but it is something that cannot be comprehended. 
It is a never changing, holy, wise, and good love.

And that, is what makes me smile.
Happy Monday!
-Mackenzie Hope-

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  1. You're a wise bird. Thanks for the reminder.
    (you're a wise bird - and a terrifical photographer)


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