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Monday, August 11, 2014

Let me tell you a story. 
Once upon a time there was this girl named Delaney and this boy named Zack. They grew up in the same state living 45 minutes away most of their lives.  They had never heard of one-another, had any mutual friends or even really known of each other's existence.
Then, on a hot day in mid-August 2012, she saw him. 
She would always say to me, "I saw him looking at me and I thought to myself, 'I am not going to like him.'"
Yeah like that came through.
They may have met that day, or they may not have, I am not entirely sure, but I do know that they noticed each other.
Well months went by and they got to now each other in a group setting, she was not interested....or was trying not to be interested, but a rumor started getting around that Zack liked Delaney.
That rumor may have been started by his sister and me.
Well, finally, after many weeks of assistant - choir - directing on his part and talking with his sisters about him on her part, he asked our father is he could be in a relationship with Delaney.
Dad said yes.
Well shortly after it was the annual Jones-Family-And-Friends-Ski-Trip day, Zack's family met us at our house then embarked with us on the trip up to Michigan.
We all knew that Zack was going to ask Delaney to be in a relationship with him, she was the only one who did not know.
I remember riding in the car with his mom and two sisters saying, "AHHHHH!!! We are totally going to be related!"
Maybe we were stretching things a bit....but hey.
We were excited.
Then, Zack's master plan was put into action as he got onto a ski lift with Delaney alone. He then asked her if she would be willing to begin a courtship with him to which she replied, "I'm up for it!"
And they were two happy campers.
So were the rest of us.
Well then.
Last Sunday she wore green, he showed up, she was surprised, he took her too a park, asked her to marry him and she was swept off her feet.
She said yes.
And all the two families could say was,
And we are.
And they are going to be married.
IMG_9624 IMG_9626
IMG_9636IMG_9688 IMG_9705-2
And so they told their story.....while Zack ate food and Delaney showed off her ring. 

Happy Monday! 
-Mackenzie Hope-

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  1. Engagements are the best things to smile about- especially when it's your sister! So excited, Mackenzie!!!


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