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Monday, August 18, 2014

I didn't know what to post about today. 
I mean, I could tell you all about the wonderful things that have happened in the past week. 
Like the annual canoe trip and the adventures we had on it. 
Or the days spent at The Cafe steaming milk, making food, talking to people and pulling espresso. 
Or time enjoyed with friends yesterday. 
Laughing really hard, singing songs, throwing footballs, and driving cars. 
What wonderful times.
But as I was sitting in my room this morning, enjoying the coziness of my room I thought of something that makes me oh-so-very-happy. 
My home.
Maybe not the building itself, no, it is more like everything it means to me that makes me love it. 
It is a place I am always happy to return to. 
It is a place that I am proud of. 
It is a place that holds inside of it the people I find dearest to me. 
It is a place I feel safe in. 
It is a place I can always feel, well, at home in.  
It is a place I love. 
It is home.

Happy Monday! 
-Mackenzie Hope-


  1. What a beautiful shot! I'm so glad you love your home. There's nothing like having a place full of warmth and love that you can come back to when you've been away. I feel the same way about mine :)

  2. Stop it, Mackenzie; you're making me homesick. :) Things are going great, by the way! Classes start tomorrow. I wish we'd had a chance to get together before I left! :'( Love ya! <3


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