This Made Me Smile :: Monday :: We Went On An Adventure

Monday, July 21, 2014

As I said in my last -very late- "Monday" post, last week part of my family and I went on a trip across  part of America. 
Our path took us through mountains. 
More mountains.
Around in circles because none of us really know how to read a GPS.
Over rivers.
Through little towns just chocked full of southern charm.
To the front doors of uncles, cousins and some museums. 
To the warm and even more warm hearted South.
It was pretty grand.
I do so look forward to sharing more pictures soon. 
IMG_3653 IMG_3708IMG_4142

Happy Monday!!!
-Mackenzie Hope-


  1. I do love this part of the country....ahem, I think that I love every part of the country. But this part intrigues me, because I feel like I've only seen a teeny tiny part of what's there. *Mentally adding a place to my places to go list.*

  2. how grand! I'm glad you had fun. your pictures look stunning, shocker :)

  3. absolutely beautiful, dearie. :) mm, i love that part of the world. ;) x

  4. Where were you down South? I was just in Georgia... All these pictures make me miss the South!


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