This Made Me Smile :: Monday :: Wonderful, Happy Things

Monday, May 12, 2014

A list of wonderful, happy things:
1. Brothers. They are wonderful and happy, and they make me so. 
2. Starlight nights. 
3. Flowers. Everywhere.
4. Friends with whom to make plots and plans with.
5. Spring rain storms. 
6.  Good classic literature.
7. The making of bunting. 
8. Mothers. How could we do without them? 
9. Weeding the flower bed. My hands still have a bit of dirt on them. 
10. Summer is a'comin in. 
The end.
IMG_6375IMG_6421 IMG_6444

-Mackenzie Hope- 


  1. I love the last photo! It perfectly captures the whimsical and joyous nature of this post. :) And #6 is spot on....I've been reading "Emma" by Jane Austen, and it's so detailed and wonderful.


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