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Monday, April 21, 2014

Yes, I do realize that my last couple of posts have been about my trip to Chicago...a trip that was a whole week ago...I mean really, that is old news isn't it? 
Yeah well, sorry about that, I guess I must have liked it a lot. 
So, you know that video I promised in the last couple of posts?
It is all done.
Yes sirree. 
I must confess that I feel like this was not one of my best videos. 
You see, I am no filmmaker and have no experience in videography whatsoever besides what I do for my own personal enjoyment. So, I am apt to have an unsteady hand (because many of my shots were while walking), not focus correctly, or get the lighting right.  When I make videos, my main goal is to tell a story, a different kind of story than I try to tell with my pictures. A story with movement.
So -after that ramble- here is  the video. 

-Mackenzie Hope-


  1. I've been waiting on this. :-) And I loved much fun to watch. I think it was beautiful, and most certainly did tell the story! Videography is *almost* as wonderful as photography.

  2. I just love your videos! And your music choices are always so wonderful too and match the video + mood perfectly!

  3. ah, i always love your videos. :) they are fantastic - and i love love love the music. all of this is perfect. makes me want to travel. xox

  4. Oooh! I love it Mackenzie! You captured the trip so well =)

  5. Love it so so much! This is beautiful! xo


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