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Monday, March 31, 2014

It was my birthday last week. 
I am happy to be a year older. 
But you know what else? I am happy to have the friends and family I do. 
I got so many sweet greetings and cards that just made, and kept making, my day wonderful. 
And most of these were not your ordinary birthday cards. 
No, almost every one was personalized in some way. 
One was a poem (Hi Zack (ch)...look you made it!). 
One had all my code names all over it (Don't ask.)
One a stunning painting (Miss Sarah are the artistic one)
One with a lovely tea cup in lace on it (Hi Birthday Buddy!).
Two were lovely sentimental notes from my lovely sisters (*whooohwowh*....Delaney, you know what I am saying.)
One a lovely picture of a camera (Allison, question: does the bird have a  name? How about Herbert?).
One I had to de-code (it says "Happy Birthday Jack!" comment).
One had my favorite cartoon charter Vergil on it doing a dance ( de' boss so is Vergil)
What can I say? I am I blessed with some creative friends and family, and so thankful for every one of them. I will save every one of these cards for years.

And that is all I have to say. 
Happy Monday and happy last day of March.

-Mackenzie Hope


  1. Happy {belated} birthday, dear!!! You are such a lovely, beautiful, Godly, sweet, kind, and incredibly talented lady and such an inspiration. ;) Praying the Lord blesses this year immensely. Much love!


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