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Monday, February 3, 2014

When people ask me how I got started in photography, my general reply sounds something like this:
 "I have loved photography as long as I can remember. Even when I was 6-7 years old. "
My very favorite present to receive was a small plastic disposable camera. Marching around with this tool in hand, I would take pictures of everyone and everything. 
Just a bit ago, as I was rifling through old pictures I found one that I now treasure. 
A picture full of nostalgia. 
It is a picture of me at a young age (6 or 7 is my best guess), on Christmas day at my Grandma's house. I am wearing my very favorite childhood dress and looking at the top of a disposable camera that I had just received as a present. It seems as if I had just taken a picture and was preparing to take another one. 
I have been doing that ever since. 
But my equipment has advanced ever so slightly.
I should hope. 
I simply love looking though childhood pictures. What a joy to have the ability to immortalize a moment in time so it can be remembered in the future.
I think that is why I take pictures. 
Because I like to remember things. 
That Is Still Me

Happy Monday! 

-Mackenzie Hope-


  1. Aww, how neat! What a special memory. (and I didn't realize you've been in the photography industry for so long... heehee =D)

  2. this is fantastic. what a great picture - i have always loved photography too. disposable cameras were the greatest things in the world. ;) love this, girl!


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