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Monday, January 13, 2014

"He has made everything beautiful in its time..."
Ecclesiastes 3:11

Well folks, I have finally come to the conclusion. 
I miss summer. 
Well okay, maybe I don't miss summer in and of itself perhaps( I have never been a fan of the stifling heat and humidity we get around here in July and August...yick)....but I miss what came with it. 
Namely: color.
I miss the everlasting color everywhere. 
The green of the leaves on the trees and the grass on the ground. 
The red, yellow, purple, pink of the flowers in the front garden. 
The gold of the sunshine. 
The rich brown of the warm dirt.
The blue, green and grey of the lake.

The funny thing about winter is that is seems so wonderful and magical when the snow is falling and it is 30 degrees outside, but when the snow stops falling, it is below 0 degrees and very bleak outside, well...let's just say I start longing for spring.

But it doesn't come quicker if I am wishing for it, so I will make an attempt to wait with all the patience I can muster up.
But, while doing so, I will think about summer.
And drink some more tea.
That will get me through the bleak part of winter I am sure.
The end.
Happy Monday!



  1. I believe that we need some sort of challenge to make this winter fly by faster =)

    1. =D You are all for this challenge thing aren't you?

    2. Whatever makes winter fly by =)

  2. If wishing and wanting made it come sooner, it would certainly be here - because I've been doing it too. :-) But, I'm thankful for living with seasons; I would hate to be in a place without them. And it makes summer so much sweeter when it is here!


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