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Monday, November 18, 2013

Decorate // Day 18
Today is my dear-wonderful mother's birthday. 
She is the best of moms. 
Yes sirree' that she is. 
So how could I not write a blog post about her?
I mean really, she is the woman who gave me life!
Or something like that.
But really, I am so thankful for my mom.

I think one of the best  words to describe my mom would be:
Loving her children and husband.
Loving her mother (who can't remember who she is most of the time).
Loving making things with her hands.,
Loving cooking good things to eat (which goes back to "loving her children and husband").
Loving serving others.
Loving the Word of God.
And so many other things.
I love her.
The end.

Happy Monday!
-Mackenzie Hope


  1. Aw. (Happy Birthday, Mrs. Jones!)

  2. This is so sweet... Moms are pretty amazing. And funny thing, my mom's birthday is tomorrow! :)


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