Andy & Dawn // Wedding

Thursday, October 10, 2013

As you can see, I am finally getting around to posting the pictures from my last few weddings of the summer.
As I was telling my little brother when I was getting ready to blog these pictures; Andy & Dawn's wedding was one of my favorites (although, I really don't think I could have picked a favorite they were all so fun!). Dawn was a stunning bride, the colors were bright and vivid, it rained the day of the wedding, but the sun came out just as we started portraits, and the reception building was lovely.
Wedding are just all-around fun.
So, with no further ado: Andy and Dawn's wedding.

Andy&Dawn-3 Andy&Dawn-5 Andy&Dawn-11 Andy&Dawn-7 Andy&Dawn-16 Andy&Dawn-19 Andy&Dawn-20 Andy&Dawn-27 Andy&Dawn-32
Andy&Dawn-46Andy&Dawn-37 Andy&Dawn-38 Andy&Dawn-42Andy&Dawn-44Andy&Dawn-77 Andy&Dawn-85 Andy&Dawn-87 Andy&Dawn-133 Andy&Dawn-137Andy&Dawn-155
Andy&Dawn-150Andy&Dawn-156 Andy&Dawn-166 Andy&Dawn-171Andy&Dawn-199
Andy&Dawn-202 Andy&Dawn-203Andy&Dawn-213
Andy&Dawn-204Andy&Dawn-214 Andy&Dawn-218 Andy&Dawn-229 Andy&Dawn-234
Andy&Dawn-246Andy&Dawn-240Andy&Dawn-249 Andy&Dawn-251 Andy&Dawn-257 Andy&Dawn-259 Andy&Dawn-280 Andy&Dawn-291 Andy&Dawn-293 Andy&Dawn-296 Andy&Dawn-330
Andy&Dawn-341Andy&Dawn-385 Andy&Dawn-387 Andy&Dawn-394 Andy&Dawn-400

~Mackenzie Hope 


  1. You know, I was just thinking last night "I hope Mackenzie blogs Dawn & Andy's wedding soon. I am so eager to see how all of hers turned out! I don't think I've seen any of the ones in the gazebo!"
    You must have read my mind. Beautiful, beautiful, Kenze! I love all of them. The gazebo ones are lovely. Your reception shots are so full of color and motion -- perfect! (I spy myself... I look like a ghost... whooooooOO).

  2. Oh, and I loved how you "worked with the lighting" in the church. Seriously. The one of Dawn and her Dad during the processional? And the one where Dawn and Andy are going back in to the church? Grand lighting.

    1. =D Yeah that is me...."working with the lighting" see all the b&w getting ready ones? ;D

  3. I think this is one of my favorite weddings of yours, Mackenzie! Beautiful work! I love those few shots where they're both laughing so hard, and that last dancing shots is perfect. =D

  4. These are all so gorgeous! I love the one where he's kissing his bride's hand. So lovely.

  5. I have a confession - the first thing I do while looking at your wedding posts (after taking in all of the loveliness of course), is look for Sarah. Hehe. I had a hard time spotting her in this one. But she's right....she looks quite eerie. :-) So much beauty in this post, wow Mackenzie. I'm more than a little sad to see this summer's wedding posts coming to a close.


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