She Is Something Else For Sure// A (slightly early) Birthday Post

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

She is the kind of girl who, if you have met her, you would remember her.
With her understanding-others character, her joy in life, her naturally curly hair, her stunning blue eyes, her wisdom, her love of animals, her ethereal singing-voice, her skill on the violin, and her readiness to have fun, she leaves a lasting impression.
She is a one-of-a-kind
She is a pleasure to know. 
She is my oldest sister.
And I love her.
(and I also like that she lets me take pictures of her) 
IMG_1267 IMG_1233 IMG_1294 IMG_1296-3 IMG_1292
IMG_1315 IMG_1329 IMG_1344 IMG_1338-3
IMG_1390 IMG_1392 IMG_1419-2 IMG_1479 IMG_1425 IMG_1452 IMG_1497 IMG_1521 IMG_1527 IMG_1536-3 IMG_1547-2 IMG_1545 IMG_1549 IMG_1572 IMG_1566 IMG_1599 IMG_1570 IMG_1607 IMG_1644-2 IMG_1733
IMG_1832IMG_1722 IMG_1752
IMG_1662IMG_1836-3 IMG_1841 IMG_1856IMG_1857

Hippy happy birthday Murry!



  1. a;weldkfna;foweurb;o!!!!!ohmyword. these are AMAZING! my jaw literally dropped! you have got so much skill it's unbelievable :)

  2. She is gorgeous. I love the sunlight in these and her blue eyes are stunning! You did an amazing job which these!

  3. Andrew just happened to be next to me when I pulled this post up. And I quote - "Wow,she looks almost exactly like Mackenzie, except for her hair. Wow. She's pretty. Look at her hair. It looks like Mommy's. That's a cool picture. Her blue eyes are so highlighted in that picture. Her name is Murry??" :-) I agree. This are amazingly beautiful, and I hope that I get to meet this girl one day.

  4. Wowee.
    Mackenzie, you're something else too. I wish all the pictures had titles so I could tell you which ones took my breath away (even more than the others).
    Happy birthday, Meredith!

  5. she is gorgeous; i love her serene expressions, and her laugh. also, slightly jealous of her hair. (although, i'm sure at times she wishes she didn't have any hair. most girls do.) my hair can be curly, but only in humidity, and only parts of it then. ;) anywayy. rambling. i seriously meant to talk about your lovely pictures; genius picture taking, lovely model and just everything gorgeousness. and now i am.

    this is gorgeous, Mackenzie. your sister is a lovely lady. and isn't it just great when your sisters let you take pictures of them? ;)

  6. *THESE* are amazingly beautiful. Ugh. I seem to make a lot of mistakes on your blog (I'll blame it my laptop). Also, I forgot to say - Happy Birthday, Meredith!

  7. Great pictures! Her hair is amazing! : D I like your blog! : )


  8. OBSESSED with her hair!! You always have the prettiest light in your photographs. <3

  9. that light. oh my gracious. that light. it's so dreamy and wonderful and gosh. you're incredible, m'dear. xx


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