This Made Me Smile :: Monday :: In Which The Outdoors Makes Me Jump For Joy

Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday again.
To be perfectly honest, sometimes I just don't know what to post about on Mondays.  
I want to post something that makes me smile, makes me happy, fills me with joy. 
That is what these posts on Mondays are for. 
This morning (as I was helping my Pa and sister paint the bathroom a rather charming color) I was thinking about what I could post about. 
And nothing came to mind. 
So I waited.
Finished painting the bathroom.
And waited.
Edited wedding pictures.
Read a book.
Still waiting.
Then I stepped outside.
And there it was.
The air was filled with soft warmth.
The sky was blue, dotted with clouds floating softly along.
The sunshine covering everything it could reach.
The flowers were bending this way and that in the wind.
It was perfect.
I wanted to jump and skip and run all at once.
I was overjoyed with the beauty of God's creation.
The way so many simple things go together to make a picture that is perfect in every way.
The wonder.
The glory.
His creations.
And that made me smile.

Yours truly,
Mackenzie Hope

p.s Happy July 1st! 


  1. Precisely how I feel. Oh, how wonderful summer is! Happy July!

  2. ah, this is so lovely, Mackenzie. :) sometimes it is hard to find things that really make us smile--or things that are important--but sometimes it is the littlest things that hold the most potency, and tie themselves to our hearts. :)

    as usual, your picture(s--picture this time. ;)) is lovely.



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