These Are The Grand Days

Friday, June 21, 2013

These are the grand days. 
The days of sunshine. 
The days of grilling outside. 
The days of being with friends. 
Of being with family. 
These are the grand days of splashing your feet in water. 
Of doing photo shoots just for fun. 
Of soaking in the sunshine. 
Of laughing.
These are the days of flying over the ground on the back of a horse.
Of taking early morning walks before it gets too hot.
Of wearing flowers in your hair.
Of feeling the morning dew slipping off the grass and onto my feet.
These are the days of book reading.
Of making wildflower bouquets.
Of going to the beach.
Of berry picking.
These are the grand days of weddings.
Of playing with the dogs.
Of watering the garden.
Of going barefoot all the time.
These are the grand days of summer.
IMG_0549 IMG_5837 IMG_2126-2 IMG_5813-2 IMG_5850 IMG_5924 IMG_5937-2
IMG_7374 IMG_7377 IMG_6013 IMG_6030 IMG_6236 IMG_6065-2 IMG_7386 IMG_7398 IMG_7431 IMG_6718-2 IMG_6736 IMG_7336 IMG_6873-2 IMG_7049 IMG_7331 IMG_7198 IMG_7353 IMG_7354 IMG_7421 IMG_7448 IMG_7472 IMG_7363 IMG_5872 IMG_7483


  1. Gorgeous brilliant-ness. You're making me feel slightly (ok, really) guilty for not being better about taking pictures this summer. You put me to shame. :-) See you soon? Yay.

  2. ahhhh, these pictures, Mackenzie. just wow. :) they are so beautiful; summer-y, fresh, green, cheerful, and just fantastic. ;) {also, the horses. did i mention the horses? ;)}

    these are fabulous, girl! <3

  3. Yes, exactly. I love how you put it. These are all so good. EVERY single one is so great.
    Your editing in these is absolutely gorgeous. Amazing job on all of these. <3

  4. You seriously never fail to impress me. And I love all the bokeh in the water pictures! Stunning!! (:

  5. these stills. oh, gracious! they're amazing, as usual. you have perfectly captured summer in all of them. xx

  6. your talent astounds me :) all of these pictures are full of beauty :)


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