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Monday, May 13, 2013

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To the woman who raised me.
To the woman who gave me (and still gives) my education.
To the woman who has nursed me back to health many-a-time.
To the woman who raised and homeschooled 5 children (ant that was not an easy task).
To the woman who has been all around the world.
To the woman who is a nurse.
To the woman who taught us how to give sacrificial love for those who could not give back. 
To the woman who is "The Weather Woman"
To the woman who spent countless hours brushing rats out of my 7-year-old head of hair. 
To the woman who makes coming home from collage cafeteria food feel like heaven.
To the woman who loves her doggies. 
To the woman who raised us to eat our salad first.
To the woman who tends her garden. 
To the woman who loves Jesus her Savior more than anything else. 
To the woman I call Mom. 
I love you. 

Your little girl, 
Mackenzie Hope 


  1. This made me smile, too. So sweet. And amen to the "brushing rats out of my 7 year old hair" part. An eternal thank you to my Mother for that one! Even if it wasn't so appreciated at the time. :-)

  2. It's beautiful, Kenzie. Tell her to get better soon and a happy Mother's day!

  3. That is a beautiful tribute to your lovely mom!

    Mrs. Devine


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