He Plays Music

Saturday, March 30, 2013

You see, I have this little brother. 
He is the best. 
And I like him an awful lot. 
He plays guitar. 
Really well. 
And I am not just saying that because I am a very proud older sister ( I am), or because everyone else says that  he is (they do). 
He is the best little brother A Mackenzie could ask for. 
The other evening as the sun was setting over in The West, he sat down in our living room to play guitar for a bit. 
After he did this I asked him to move into the path of the sunshine. 
He glared at me, then obliged me. 
He is nice like that. 
Then he proceeded to play lovely music while I snapped away. 

All in all, it was a very musical evening.
Also, I did a little shoot with my sister and her friend that I will be posting sometime next week.

So, I am off now. 
I hope you are having a lovely Easter weekend, where we are blessed to be able to celebrate Christ's  sacrifice for us and His resurrection. 
He is risen indeed. 

~Mackenzie Hope 


  1. The flares. I am going to faint. GAH. The flares. AH. Rainbow flares. *sob*
    Those are incredible, Kenzie! Now you have to make sure that he records a CD just so that you can put those on the cover. Brilliant job!
    Can't wait for the pictures from the "friends" shoot!

  2. THESE PICTURES. MACKENZIE. STOP. I CAN'T. seriously. your pictures just keep getting more and more beautiful, girl. :) that is proof that he is a good brother--that he would move into the sun for your photographic purposes. ;) haha. love this, girl! brothers are the bestest. x

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  4. I have no idea why but I absolutely love your carpet! These pictures are so pretty- I can imagine you felt very inspired while shooting these =)

  5. ohh... I like 14 and 15... love the flare. :) Good job.


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