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Monday, February 11, 2013

No, I did NOT take this picture. 
This is the lovely work of my dear friend Sarah. She posted this on Flickr, and when I saw it this morning it made me smile.
 A really big smile. 

 Today is such a cold, dreary, blustery day, and this picture had just enough warmth and happiness in it. I love it.

Sarah is an amazing photographer, I have the immense pleasure of learning so much from her. So, go check out some of her stuff, trust me, you will love her style.

Until next time I get around to posting,


  1. :)
    I must say that I am loving this series, Mackenzie!
    Thanks for making my day. <3

  2. Oh,I loved this one too! She's so wonderful.
    Her "day was made" twice! :-)

  3. I saw this on flickr, it's gorgeous and makes me feel warm too and the colors are beautiful. <3
    And I love reading your posts. Always so happy. :)


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