Just Another Day.....

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Well, it is the last day of February. I can't believe it. It seems like it has just flown by. 
Well, maybe that is because it happens to be the shortest month of the year. 
I am greatly looking forward to March. 
Lots and lots. 
I can't wait until Spring makes its grand entrance once again. 
I can't wait for the warm air. 
The flowers. 
The sunlight. 
The smell of mud. 
The feeling of grass between my toes. 
It's going to be grand. 
And don't worry I will document every moment of it. 
If I can. 
Spring inspires me. 
But, so does the bleakness of February. 
Shall I explain myself? 
February is known to be bleak. Dark. Cold. Dreary. So I-attempting to be an optimist-try to be inspired by it. 
So it is bleak outside-well I like it! 
So it is cold outside- better for drinking tea. 
So it is dreary outside-makes for soft light. 
So there. 
In short, what I am saying is that I am trying to be inspired by the un-inspiring. I don't know how that works, but it does. 
And I feel inspired. 
I am going to stop rambling now. 
The end. 
 Inspired by the un-inspiring-and looking for inspiration,
Mackenzie Hope 


  1. I just LOVE your photography girl!!! Keep on capturing!!!!

  2. These are all so beautiful. :) That's a great way to look at it! I've loved the snow we've gotten this winter, it's been really beautiful. Yes, Spring is going to be so beautiful. I can't wait for summer though. But isn't that how it always is? During the summer we're ready for winter again! Haha.

  3. You are so inspiring! I love reading your posts, their always so happy! And these photos are stunning! You and your doggies are so cute. :)

  4. seriously how are you so amazing? :) i love these! i love the way you edit them :) i can't wait for you pictures of spring :))

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  6. This is inspiring. :-)
    And a good reminder for me, because lately I wanted nothing else than to wake up to sunshine and green grass. Being content and inspired in every season, literally and figuratively, is wonderful and how it should be. Thanks Mackenzie!

  7. this is lovely, Mackenzie. :) (THOSE PICTURES. GAH. beautimous. new word, right there. actually, it's an old one in my family, but new to other people.) ;) yes, tea is the best on cold, dreary days. :D


  8. Wow. These pictures are so beautiful :)
    -mal :)

  9. Wow, your pictures are stunning! The colours and clarity is captivating. Keep up the beautiful work Mackenzie! :)

  10. This very awful friend of yours forgot to comment on this most lovely of posts. (Oh dear.... I used the word lovely... again!)
    This is so, so beautiful! All the ones of the snow.... and the two of you in the mirrors! When did you take the picture of the cat on the rocking chair? It looks so light and summery and.... perfect.


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