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Saturday, January 26, 2013

All day yesterday I had a picture in my mind. 
Does that ever happen to you? You think up an idea and it grows in your head until you do it. 
That was the way it was yesterday. I had this picture in my wouldn't leave. 
My dear friend Sarah gave me a lovely mug for Christmas. 
I love mugs. 
In fact...I often tell people that mugs are the way to my heart. 
With some people it is kind words that get to their heart. 
Or hugs. 
Or jewelry. 
But not for me.....a mug is the way to my heart. 
Although I do like rings too (especially ones my brother makes me like the one on my hand in these pictures, he made it out of a guitar string....a D-string to be exact. I love it.).
That is beside the point though. 
I got a mug. 
I love it. 
So I took pictures of it. 
There.....straight and to the point. 

I needed three (maybe four) things for this idea in my head to work. 
1. The mug
2. A bug fluffy sweater (I stole it from my dad)
3. My camera remote-shooter
4. My camera

Well, I had everything ready. It was time to get to work. 

This was not easy fact, it was rather hard. You know how hard it is to take a picture of something you can't really see. 
It is harder than it looks. 
(I would like you to see some of the ones I took.....that,...well, didn't work out to well) 

But any photographer will do it because they are devoted to making the world a better place, you know filling it with pictures of mugs and sweaters and stuff.......makes the world a better place for sure.
Right? Yes? Do you not agree? 

Remote shooters are very useful for this kind of thing because you don't have to touch the camera, so that you can take (and focus on) pictures from a distance. It helps. 
But it can be hard to hide the seen in the next picture.
I spy a remote in my hands. Do you? 
Anyway, I finally accomplished my mission and got "The Shot"

And a couple of other ones I liked as well.
Well there you have it. 
A totally useless blog post. 
Get it? 
Got it? 

I hope you are having a lovely, spectacular, wondrous, splenderific (hey Lydia!), gorgeous day!
Yours truly, 


  1. ooohhhhhh, i looooove these!! oh, goodness! tea cups + sweaters + hands make some of the best photography shots in my mind. ;) gorgeous job, Mackenzie! ;) and i love this 'totally useless' blog post. a lot. ;)


  2. Precisely what is useless about this post? I love it. :)

  3. i love it, mackenzie! amazing job. i often get pictures in my head that won't go away too. i have one already planned out, but it won't work here. i plan on doing it when i'm in el salvador next week. i hope it turns out. i bought a remote two days ago. i have yet to play around with it though. oh and your (dad's?) sweater is amazing!!! xx

  4. This beautiful and wonderfully lovely post made me so happy. I love all of the pictures. You're so creative. :)


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